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On my very first Photography assignment my professor told us "Shoot From The Hip!" because apparently all the "Great's" got their greatest shots that way...so I'm out shooting, and I thought "What the hell" and then proceeded to literally balance my brand new SLR on my hip bone and shot off half a roll-she loved it. I have the best family and friends anyone could ever ask for My favorite color is green, I think its because it’s so different I have loads of energy; I’m a total caffeine/sugar addict I write random poetry and quotes, on anything I can get my hands on when the mood strikes I thrive on being inspired, feeling the anxiety of anticipation and genuine conversation Orange cars remind me of orange flavored tootsie roll lollipops, I have a thing for elephants. . . blame Dumbo :) I have loved someone so much I’ve cried, I have cried so much that my whole body has shaken, and I’ve laughed so long my entire body’s ached

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