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  • Malamaya7 Shaggy Knit Pullover style pic
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  • ScienceGirl Is this the lemon Voile & Lace Slip? It looks like a sunny bright yellow in your photo which I <3 ! It looks all washed out in the model photo. Is it really this bright IRL or did you add a color treatment to your photo? This looks so cute with your hair! :-)
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  • Malamaya7 Thank you! This was taken in my daughters room , so the pink walls and light might influence the colour, but the slip is way brighter in person than on the model. Its basically same shade as the lace crop, so if you look at the yellow one on the model will give you better idea!
    So far it's my favourite colour slip !!! Love it!!! Hope that helps! :)
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  • ScienceGirl Thank you so much!!! I own the lemon scallop lace crop (which is brighter in real life as well) from last year and have the gold one in my cart. I am def buying the lemon slip now!!! Your photo sold it. LOL I will try pairing the crop with it as well. :-)
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  • Malamaya7 I'm glad I could help! Enjoy!!!
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