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  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate Can you get pulled over for a DUI if you have an open wine bottle and you're riding a bike? LOL! Potlucks are fun, because you get to see and taste what everyone makes! I love the way those Audrey's look from behind, little x's like kisses! xoxo
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate I don't think so, because you're probably already lying on the ground from falling off the bike drunk...LOL! We have a lot of potlucks in my shop...and I play it safe and bring the drinks...soda..water...juice:)) I love the backs of the Audrey's too:))
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Been there Done that.
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Great Vibe and the mix of soft and saturated colors! xoxo
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