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  • alexd On A Whim Lace Top style pic
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  • lena1981 Why this thing is so fat? FPfoto is not so. Where is true pic?
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  • ScienceGirl Love the color combo! The rose tunic looks very warm in your photo < a coral. Is it just the lighting or would you say it is actually more of a warm color in person. I ordered this in sand but felt the color was too washed out on me. I love coral (any variation) but can't wear cool toned pinks. Thanks so much! xoxo
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  • ScienceGirl I have had the On A Whim Top in coral on my wishlist forever lena1981, but have passed it over when placing orders because almost every review states it is very full as in alexd's photo. I would imagine the slip is adding volume in this photo as well. I love it and have slim hips, so I may eventually cave if it does not sell out.
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