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  • ScienceGirl Flag as Inappropriate Now I am going to be thinking about Gavin Rossdale on stage with no shirt on all day...;-) xoxo
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate need to thank me!!!...;)) and yeah~ let's all take a moment and think about Gavin Rossdale with no shirt!!!...LOL...XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate ~ moment taken ~ ; )
  • ScienceGirl Flag as Inappropriate Ha! I think your collection rocks BTW. I am just to "Candy/Meadow"(as the FB gals from here know!) to lust after grunge. Speaking of lust...saw GR sing Glycerine shirtless at Edenfest 96 (Canada's largest ever festival...90,000 people)..but for those who have not had the pleasure I found this clip of Woodstock 99 ....ahh!..right up there with chocolate and making a custom JPB order! Best ladies! XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate ~ another moment taken ~ thank you SG! XOXO (love LOVE that you posted that clip!)
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ~science girl....first, I know I'm speaking for the female population when I say.....THANK U...U R MAKING ME DIE W VIDEOS OF SHIRTLESS GAVIN....LOL...XOXO..~and grunge isn't my style either, but if it gets a link to bare chested GR...go grunge!!! XOXO
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate It's getting hot in here! lol!
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ~.... I think I may have just gotten pregnant from watching that video of shirtless Gavin Rossdale one too many times!!!....~ ;))) XOXO
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