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  • discosyl FP X Lydia Maxi Skirt style pic
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  • nicestuff Great! I wondered if this skirt would be for "the seasoned"...
    PER SAY..

    Now I have my answer...This classy Maxi bears STYLE who said you must be not a day over 30? To wear this..

    YEP! age is a number..Beauty FADES, Class is forever.

    Thank-you to the person in this image..NOW I am going to buy it!...
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  • discosyl thankyou for the kind words "nicestuff ", when you get your "Lydia" at first you may be a bit disapointed but the key is to play around with it I found wearing it off my hips a bit did the trick , if it is too long the hem easy to cut just follow the shape of the hem line (if its too long and do it gradually) ENJOY
    I think "lydia" is going to be my "little black dress" that everyone needs in their wardrobe.
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