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  • ericamoth Shimmy Shimmy Party Dress style pic
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  • bspinney Hi! Totally off topic question.. but I wanted to know if you still happen to own the gypsy cardigan from back in 2011? I saw your review on it and I have been looking for that cardi in brown for over a year. If you are ever tired of it, message me on Poshmark or eBay, my user name is beespin for both:) sorry to spam your pic, I wish there was a way to contact people on this site haha! :)
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  • ericamoth Hey there! Unfortunately I have already sold the Gypsy Buttondown Cardigan on ebay earlier this year. Thanks for the message and good luck - I hope one pops up!
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  • bspinney No worries!!! I ended up finding one on poshmark!!!! :))) thanks for getting back to me though!
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