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  • fpMayacherii overalls!!
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  • Mushy These overalls look great on you! could you tell me what size you are wearing as I think I am the same size as you, do they come up large or small around the waist? Thanks for your time xx
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  • fpMayacherii @spongebobsue I am wearing a large. I was really excited because I generally can't get my thighs or bottom to fit most things and these fit like a dream! They come up large around the waist. They're a great boyfriend fit and are amazing on. I love them! Let me know what you end up deciding. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the fit.
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  • Mushy Brilliant thanks I have ordered the large and now shall have the longest 2weeks waiting for them to arrive! I will let you know how they fit xx
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  • Mushy Yay! I received my overalls this morning and they are perfect, thank you for your comments I agree with all of them, I will end up living in these and I think I shall even put up some style pics of my own! Xx
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