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Twirling in the dessert. #freepeople

  • fpgenesis Twirling in the dessert. #freepeople
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  • goth161616 Hi! I am thinking of ordering this same dress but I was wondering what size you are in regular clothes and what size you ordered? I have been in love with free people for ages but im afraid none of their stuff will fit me! im a 16/18 and I saw this dress in store and have been CRAVING it ever since. I know its stretchy but I still didnt think it would fit me, any advice you could give me would be so helpful! Thanks!
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  • fpgenesis @goth161616 I wear size 16 and I'm a size Large in free people I got the size large and it fits great still roomy I think the size Large will fit you amazing and so faltering I say get the size large I know it will be the best for you let me know how it world out for you I work for free people in Studio City, California
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  • goth161616 Thanks so much for getting back to me! I'm going to order it in a few days, its just so beautiful I must have it!
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  • fpgenesis @goth161616 no problem whenever you have questions let me know
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  • kittykattt8 beautiful on you
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  • buggsroo I am a size large too in FP and I love their clothes, I take the same size you do. You rock your clothes.
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  • fpgenesis @buggsroo aw thank you so much I love this brand so much because you don't have to be a size XS to wear the clothes amazingly.
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  • nallan10 So happy to see some beautiful girls my size, all the models are super skinny how about some real life models size16/18!!!!
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