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#freepeople #fp #boots #leather #green #beautifulb
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  • katieh #freepeople #fp #boots #leather #green #beautifulb
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  • hollenelizabeth are these boots worth it? I really want to get them!
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  • katieh Yes, they truly are worth it, They hug to your foot when you put them on which helps prevent blisters. The color is absolutely stunning, the sloes are grippy, and the details are fantastic. the leather has that amazing aroma you expect with quality leather items.
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  • smarci Did you put any kind of protectant on them before you wore them out? Do they need any kind of weather proofing?
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  • katieh I have yet to treat them but I will be soon, Snow and salt can have the WORST effect on leather. I use mink oil for all my boots and it works quite well for me.
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  • smarci Thanks for letting me know :D. I bought the Emersons, in brown. They're my first pair of leather boots, and the price....but so worth it!! So, I want to protect them. Mink oil, hmm...? And the mink oil doesn't change the color?
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  • katieh If you have light leather it will darken it a bit. In my opinion, it adds richness and luminosity to the leather. On darker leather it just adds a nice shine while conditioning the leather.
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  • sweeneycn I'm so torn on these... I want them, but don't know what size. I wear a 10 in Freebird by Steven, 9.5 in Frye, and a 9 in Bed Stu. What size did you do/what size do you do in other boots?
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  • katieh I wear a 10 in freebird and bought these in a 41
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