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How-To Knot My Fav Tee!!

  • lindseyspekmanFP How-To Knot My Fav Tee!!
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  • poesque Great montage! Fab style! & Super cute! :)
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  • lindseyspekmanFP Thank you thank you thank you @poesque!! Love knotting oversized tees to give them some great shape to an outfit (=
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  • lesliebold In this shirt did you size up or is it your normal size? i want to do the knot too but i'm not sure if i'd have to buy a bigger size in order to do it.
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  • lindseyspekmanFP @lesliebold This style tee comes in 2 sizes: xs/s & m/l. I chose to go with the m/l as I'm tall (almost 5'10) and prefer the oversized look!! Note that it does run a bit large tho. Knotting this tee is pretty easy as well. Shown above I simply knotted from the bottom side then played with it a bit to get it to sit right. Just adds some fun shape to an oversized tee and makes layering look effortless!! Don't hesitate to ask if you ever have questions on layering as I'm happy to help (=
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