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  • megmargWC maxi love
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  • Vivyanne hi! i was wondering what size you got, how it fits you, and all the measurements. I want to get this dress, but since its pricey i wanted to make sure that i got the right size.
    ps. is it loose, tight, or fits comfortably on you. ??? thanks
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  • Vivyanne oh just read your bio too. im also from seattle but i live in the bay now. Just thought it was funny that our residence situation was somewhat similar :)
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  • Maria9 Hi! I was wondering what bra you can wear with this dress or if stick ons are a better option?
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  • megmargWC Hi Vivyanne! This dress is fabulous! It fits true in waist and length but I needed to size down due to the bust from a 6 to a 4.
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  • megmargWC Hi Maria9! I choose not to wear a bra with this dress as it has great coverage and the fabric around the bust is not sheer. I am a small C cup but if you are a larger cup size you may need some more support or just stick ins. Call is at the Walnut Creek store to order!
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  • Vivyanne I want to wear this dress to prom. what shoes would you recommend to keep the "earthy" vibe to the dress.

    oh and i am 118 lbs, 5'2, and a small c do you think size 4 would work?
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  • trwixom Hi there, very interested in purchasing your size 4 if you decide to sell! :)
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  • brittwarthen Hi, I absolutely love this dress and want to wear it for prom but unfortunately there are no more left in stock. I was wondering if you would be willing to sell it or even rent (that sounds weird but I would be so careful with it) it? Just let me know :) My email is thank you!!!
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