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  • ppritikin Move over big guy
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  • nataliamarie Hi, I was thinking about getting this skirt in this color, but can't decide between this and the dark blue. You're the only person who has posted this skirt in this color, I can't find any other pictures of it! Do you happen to have any? Is it super crazy neon bright, can you find tops to match it with? If you can write back my address is
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  • breezey Hi, I'm trying to find out from Free People where to buy this skirt I just love the colour but I can't see it on their website or online anywhere, The only colour they have online is Navy - was this the Kaleidoscope Fly Away Skirt? Anyway I thought if you get this message if you could let me know where you got it on that would be great, thanks.
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  • breezey Or even if you could just reply on here where you got it that would be fine :)
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