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  • cmerch oh Wow! what size are you wearing? after seeing your pic i'm convinced this is the dress I want to get married in this summer. i'm 5'3 110lb and need an xs. is that the size you have on? if so would you consider selling yours or renting it? i'm serious, lol, fp doesn't have xs anymore. or do you think a small would be ok for my size since it does lace up? i'm just petite and don't want to get it too big and get lost in all the beautiful fabric. that dress fits you perfectly. any
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  • cmerch help is really appreciated. thanks.
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  • cmerch do you have any more pics?
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  • hsun Hey i am looking for Xs for this dress...would you consider selling it?thx
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  • richmond cmerch- I am so so sorry I never saw your comments, I usually shop on my phone so I never see the rest of the features. I am 5'4 and 114 pounds and it is an xs. What did you end up wearing?
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