my cure.
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i fall right into you.

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  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate I literally die for the love and liberty embroidered dress!! I die, literally, I'm dead!!! U can style me anytime!!! XOXO
  • ScienceGirl Flag as Inappropriate I bought the embroidered 4 Love & Liberty Zoe (that is the name..FP just didn't use it) dress from Johnny Was directly! It is to die for sure!!! Buy buy buy ladies!!! I was lusting over the Thias printed dress as now I can just buy it at FP! Gorgeous collection. XOXO
  • sparksflyy Flag as Inappropriate @branwen haha it's sooooo pretty! i will probably splurge on it, i just envision it as heaven with the louie boot and a denim jacket! like, HELLO! Perfect summer outfit.

    @sciencegirl they are both SO gorgeous like i can't chose, but i think the Thais printed might be less flattering on me than the Embroidered, simply because sometimes that shape is overwhelming on me. but omg they are gorgggg!

    thanks for the compliments!
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