Fairy Dust
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May all your wishes come true....

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  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ...u had me at fairy dust.... XOXO ... I can't put my stinking iPad down and go 2 bed.... I want 2 c my romanas say ship~ I feel eerie... Bad eerie...cuz I got " last one in stock" I have beev burnt on that b4~ and order just gets cancelled .....fairy magic & fairy dust...please!!!., XOXO
  • swimchick Flag as Inappropriate I hope you get the Romanas, Branwen! They are the cutest shoes ever! xoxo
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate Really feeling the vibe on this collection! Branwen go 2 bed get some sleep for me...it'll all be alright:-) Be Good to yourselves
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  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ~girls...my romanas still say preparing to ship AND the pics r dif today, they r nor suede, they r brown leather....I'm not very happy about this!! I think suede was way more major, what do u think? XOXO
  • swimchick Flag as Inappropriate I personally think suede is better, but I'm sure they will still look hot in the leather. xoxo
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