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Distressed leather ankle boots with studded straps around the ankle.

*By Freebird by Steven


Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by DO NOT GET Do not get these shoes!! I loved them so much when I was these, and had to buy them. I got them and they literally took me 30 minutes just to putt on. the zipper will barely even go down unless u undo all of the wrap around studs and it is almost impossible to put ur foot in!! and once i finally got them on, they were so uncomfortable!! They were returned IMMEDIATLY 3.3.2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by these boots are made for walking I live in my boots...and ask a lot from them..they must look awesome, be comfortable and up for many hours standing in my studio, inclement weather and ground conditions during art exhibits and for goofing around with my dogs on the beach and for hoofing it to the post office in my little village So i've gotten pretty good at spotting a great boot, and these definitely are good ones, like any boot i've gotten from freebird by steven (have three other pairs) The fit a bit narrow, so although they are true to size i recommend to size up if you are between sizes. I am size 6 but wear 6 1/2 in boots to fit insoles and socks, no half sizes but the 7 fits pretty well. They are rather easy t put on, the zipper a bit tricky since its hidden under the straps, but not too challenging. The studs are pretty cool, the metal plate not, is made of cheap compound material, likely to snap easily. I replaced with a plate i made myself in recycled silver, stamped vaya con dios on my boots are perfect 3.29.2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not worth the money I agree with the other review. These boots were put together with bubble gum! It takes a little time to get on. Shortly after leaving the house they started to fall apart. The Metal peice on the toe of the right boot fell off as i was walking into the restaurant. Then i notice that one of the leather studded belts had came apart and was dragging on the ground. I took it to my shoe repair because i really wanted to keep these boots. They are stunning and i got many compliments. However, they are very uncomfortable and feel cheap on your feet. Not good for walking or even staning. The boots look very different in the way they were destressed fron eachother. I went thought 5 pairs to find 2 that looked the most similar. I wish they would of worked out. They are going back sadly they are not worth the money! 3.7.2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Mixed opinion at first, well worth giving a chance The pros: Extremely fashion foreward, very trendy, match with a lot of my closet, craftsmanship of boot itself is great. For any ladies with athletic legs, these are one low boot that don't make you look "boxy" (like your calves run all the way to your feet). The narrow design & cut of the boot looks phenomenal on every leg! Short, long, athletic, model trim...literally any shape! (I have friends that borrow them) The cons: Run small. If you're debating between 2 sizes, definitely get the larger one. Craftsmanship of embellishments extremely poor! I bought these in the store recently & was super psyched they had a 10 because they were sold out online. When I purchased them, they were already missing one of the straps that go around the boot (the left boot embellishment with the metal plate). I had to have them anyway. By the end of 6 hours of wear, the same embellishment on the right boot had fallen off. This was no big deal, as that particular embellishment I was ambivilant about anyway. However, the second time I wore them, both gemstone embellishments fell off. It seemed to me as though they rub against the zipper & that causes them to come apart. I took them to a leather shop & they reinforced the backs of the remaining strap embellishments (the studs) & sewed them to the boot itself starting at each side of the zipper. They now do not rub & are significantly easier to get on & off because they don't get in the way of the zipper! For anyone having zipper issues, just rub wax on the zipper tracks while they're unzipped (it made a huge difference for me!) So, $85 more later they are the PERFECT low boot. 5 stars easy the way they are now! I do have to recommend that anyone considering buying have the embellishment straps reinforced before wearing if you don't want to lose them & it is worth it to have them sewn in on each side of the zipper. Less frustration & cuts down on the wear & tear rubbing causes. (I did find a similar chain embellishment with gems on it at the craft section at Walmart, which I plan to attach to the boot to replace the one that fell off, as the hint of gemstones I feel, made the boot). Some may find this not worth the total cost because of the initial price (I'll admit I was quite frustrated at first after paying so much.) But then I thought of it from the standpoint of A. Freebird boots are very fashion foreward & always bringing something new to the table & every new design, no matter who makes it, has the potential for flaws. B. I'd already matched them successfully to 30 outfits & there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I could return them without my heart breaking. C. Now that I've spent the $ to have the straps reinforced & re-sewn, they are everything I ever dreamed of!!! As aforementioned, the boot itself is very well constructed, (I've had other freebird boots last for YEARS with heavy wear) so in my opinion it ended up being worth a few touch-ups to get to the final product. Even my fiancé, who despises any shoe that costs more than $150, gave his approval at the end result! So if they're a must have for you, go the extra mile & get as much love out of them as you can! If you're hesitant over putting the work into them, don't be. But I wouldn't buy them without expecting a trip to a leather shop. I'm looking forward to seeing if Freebird comes out with a new & improved version of these after customer feedback, because they are very close to perfection with this one! Also, they break in super easily! Conformed perfectly to my feet by the end of day 1! After the mild reconstruction, I've worn them repeatedly for nearly 2 months as well as letting friends borrow them & they hold up with no further issue. *these look absolutely superb with black leather shorts & the pieced lace tunic in blue or dark purple! (I have the blue on in pictures below) I've also worn them with the cropped football top & cuffed boyfriend jeans, as well as leather tights & t-shirts like the circle in the sand tee. I'll try to post more style pix of different outfits soon. They truly do pull many looks together nicely. It feels just like finishing a work of art to me, I'm not kidding! 7.26.2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Beautiful boots but construction is not up to par. I have eyed these boots from the get go. I was very hesitant to invest in them because many of the reviews (on multiple websites) mentioned the same issues: the metal tips and leather studded bands would fall off. I recently broke down and bought them. They are beautiful on, and I have no issues slipping them on my feet (I also have a narrow foot). The boots themselves seem solid; the adornments that decorate them are not. Still nervous to wear them for fear of something falling off, I threw them on to wear them around the house. Ten minutes in, one of the leather straps fell off. I took them to a shoe repair store and they told me what I already knew: the leather straps were not made to withstand normal wear and were poorly thrown together, and that the nails used to hold the metal tips in place were finishing nails, not the type of sturdier nail typically used for this type of adornment on a boot. The shoe repair store actually told me to return the boot because he thought the flare was so poorly assembled. After all is said and done, I'm (an idiot and) opting to pay to have the leather straps and metal tips reinforced before actually wearing the boot out. I feel that for the price, these boots should have been ready-to-wear and sturdily assembled, but they are simply too good looking for me to return. Not a very bright decision on my part, but the boot is exactly what I've been looking for and I haven't come across anything comparable. I'd covet them if I didn't own them. 8.27.2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Totally HOT boots These boots are great! I literally stalked these for 5 months before I made the purchase--I love the design. Beware: They have no grip on the bottom and are quite slippery. I slip all over the place, never actually falling, but I wouldn't want to be walking down a hill in the rain or a semi icy road in these. Also, they are a bit challenging to get into. You have to adjust the spikes and the ties to maneuver your foot in. Also, in my right boot the side seems to dig into my ankle. I believe this can be fixed no problem if I take them to a boot store to be stretched but for the price I paid I feel like these boots should be perfect. I will deal with it though because they are seriously awesome rockstar booties. 8.23.2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fabulous I decided to drop in my local Free People Flag Ship store at Rock Center yesterday and I was very happy to see that these where in stock. I tried on my normal size 9 which fit perfectly. I have to agree with the other reviewers that these are a little hard to put on but I'm hoping, like my other Steve Madden Free Bird boots I purchased a month ago from FP, that they will soften up enough to easily slide on. Because once these boots are on, they are super comfortable not to mention adorable on. Quality wise, mine are really nice. All the studs on mine are securely on the boot and the distressing looks exactly as pictured. I can't wait to wear them. 5.24.2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Beautiful Boot Love my new boots. At first they were a little difficult to put on, but the second time they came on pretty easy. Definitely a keeper! Beautiful! 3.16.2013
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