The Climax
Every day we encounter media touting the feel-good effects of achieving the “Big O”—the endorphins! The ecstasy! The euphoria! But beyond the toe-curling benefits of a romp in the bedroom, we’ve always suspected these pleasure-induced perks extended to our appearances. Maybe it’s the tresses tousled just so. Maybe it’s that natural blush. Or maybe it’s just the blissed-out state that leaves us looking like the best versions of our ourselves. But we knew we were on to something—and it turns out that science agrees.

Climaxing releases oxytocin—a hormone that delivers that signature happy feeling—into the brain. So, if you subscribe to the belief that looking good equates feeling good, then orgasming is your first step toward beauty bliss. In fact, Juanita Salcedo, who works in product development at brand-we-love Lelo (they turn out some of our fave pro-female toys), goes one step further:
“We are always hearing that beauty starts from the inside out, and they are right! Better and frequent orgasms help us exercise our muscles, clear our skin and most important of all, relax.”
And that post-climax radiance? That’s legit, too. That aforementioned oxytocin helps lower cortisol (the hormone released when you’re stressed or tense), which, in turn, diminishes inflammation, zaps redness and may contribute to fewer breakouts. To boot, having sex boosts blood circulation and heart rate, contributing to an overall brighter complexion and plumper pout.

Reaching climax can also aid you in the long haul. Orgasms raise estrogen levels, which have been linked to slowing the effects of skin aging, keeping existing collagen intact, improving hydration and preserving skin’s elasticity. Sure beats slathering on that umpteenth serum, huh?

We’d be remiss not to point out that reaching an orgasm is an imperfect science and easier for some than others. Female pleasure can be defined and achieved by innumerable methods—both solo or in tandem. Something Lelo’s Juanita points out at as well:
“We are constantly testing our products, trying to expand our knowledge of bodies, cultures, and perception of pleasure. When we think of the perfect climax, we are thinking of products that feel amazing, products that will feel like an extension of your body...but better.”
In fact, skin-to-skin intimacy (sans sex!) boasts similar stress-diminishing effects linked to decreased cortisol above. Positive relationships also help deliver oxygen to the skin, serving up a clearer complexion.

Now that you’re efficiently schooled in all the ways an orgasm can boost your beauty, read on for the latest gizmos, gadgets and goods to help you achieve your best head-to-toe tickle.
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To Get In The Mood:
Moon Juice Sex Dust

Ignite and excite sexual energy with this Certified Vegan ingestible. Created from wild-crafted herbs, plants and minerals, this all-natural aphrodisiac uses ancient alchemized elements to holistically support sexual vigor and deeply nourish creativity.
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For A Better Buff:
Fur Silk Scrub

The perfect post-shave ritual, this exfoliating scrub from Fur, buffs away dead skin to radiantly resurface. This exfoliating treatment smooths and polishes skin and can be used for a quick shower buffer or left on as an exfoliating mask. Made with clean ingredients, it is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and is gentle enough to use post hair removal.
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For The Novice:
The Frenchman

The Frenchman is a super-soft and flexible massager made to tickle you all over, from your head to your toes and everywhere in between. This unique vibrator can be used alone or with a partner and is 100% waterproof with 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes. Bonus: it's super quiet and discreet.
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For The Pro:
The Lelo Ora 2

With a sleek design, the Lelo Ora 2 is an innovative personal vibrator that mimics the feeling of oral sex. With award-winning SenseTouch™ technology and 10 modes of vibration that increase intensity with pressure, the Ora 2 is perfect for clitoral stimulation and safe for all skin. It's also rechargeable through USB.

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