Better Beauty Sleep
As the new year comes and goes, it seems like everyone around us is intoxicated by transformation. From cutting your caffeine intake to kick-starting a new exercise regimen, the prospect of barreling through January refreshed and anew is admittedly enticing. There may be talk of banishing cold brew and committing to a super-powered routine, but we’re here to remind you that one of the grandest resolutions, one that betters your body, reaps the same feel-good effects—and doesn’t require a bootcamp instructor—is already built into your very being.

Good news: it’s sleep—blissful, restorative, you-should-be-getting-them-anyway Z’s. Not just more of it (though, we can dream!), but higher quality, more rejuvenating rest. Truth be told, we all know that sleep is a process designed to relax and restore our minds and bodies, but you’re not alone if a sound and solid slumber eludes you. Armed with expert advice, we sought out to discover a step-by-step routine of the bedside essentials for your best doze ever. Read on, and dare, ahem, to dream.
From The Expert: HUM’s Sarah Greenfield On A Quality Snooze

“Getting a good night’s sleep does more than just make you feel refreshed, it can impact the quality of your skin. Poor quality sleepers showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, slackening of skin, and reduced elasticity. The researchers found that good quality sleepers recovered more efficiently from stressors to the skin.”

Muse Bath Ritual Salt Soak
For Kickstarting Your Relaxation

When muscles are tight and your body is strained, enhance your bath ritual with calming salts, infused with plant-based Fleur du Lavender essential oils, organic dead sea salt, and lavender petals. Simply dissolve a generous heap into your bathtub, soak for at least 15 minutes, and let the dreamy fragrances take over.
HUM Nutrition Beauty zzZz
For Your Most Restful Slumber, Well, Ever

Sleep easy with HUM Nutrition’s Beauty zzZz, a vegan supplement that promotes a better night’s sleep. Formulated with Melatonin, a hormone found in the body that helps promote a more restful sleep, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
Slip Beauty Sleep Collection
for luxe locks + hydrated skin

Get your best beauty rest with this 100% silk collection, featuring a pillowcase and eye mask. Sleeping on silk helps to reduce friction and is less absorbent than cotton, helping lock in skin’s moisture and stop your tresses from tangling. These pillowcases and eye mask also help to reduce creasing, which can lead to lasting wrinkles.
From The Expert: Sarah Greenfield's #1 Tip

“Put down your cell phone at least one hour prior to bedtime! Looking at your phone confuses our brain and makes it think it is still light outside. This decreases the amount of melatonin our bodies produce which can prevent us from falling asleep.”

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