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Bikini Bottoms – High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

We love being able to make the most out of our swimsuit collection. This means mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms to come up with as many bikini combinations as possible. Free People bikini bottoms always represent, and can be easily mix and matched with our simpler bikini tops. Or it can work the other way around where we wear our bikini bottoms in super simple colors and pair them with our most far out patterned tops. Whether you want to be feminine, flirty, unpredictable, sexy, retro, or super bohemian, Free People's variety of bikini bottoms that you can choose from will allow you to be any kind of girl. Feminine, flirty, and a little bit unpredictable, high waisted bikini bottoms are a fun way to mix up your summer swimsuit routine. We loves high waisted bikini bottoms with interesting details that make them feel fresh and more modern, like sexy cutouts on the hips, intensely bright cutouts, eye-catching animal prints, scalloped trimming, intense stitching, and ruffles.