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Oh You Fancy披风

Oh You Fancy披风

This product is no longer available
  • 款式: 33099425 颜色:


    FP Beach


    • {[#100]}%棉
    • 冷水机洗
    • 进口
  • 宽度: 105.41 cm
  • 长度: 99.06 cm

Oh You Fancy披风 搭配真人照片由FP Me社区成员分享


总体平均评分 (12):

Beautiful and cosy poncho

  • 年龄: 31-35
  • 体型: long and lean
  • 所处地区: Germany

When I saw this poncho on the website I immediately wanted to have it, so it travelled all the way to Germany. I got it in a size XS/S based on the previous reviews, and it fits beautifully, just like on the model pictured (I'm 5'10 and lean). So, the size is true to the measurements provided but runs large for an XS/S item. The fabric is a beautiful, thick cotton, and I love the knitted texture and color. However, it does leave a lot of fluff, so I mashine-washed it cold using the gentlest program. I hope that will help with it. After the washing, the hems had unraveled a little, so I'll observe that and probably take the poncho to a tailor and get it hemmed to prevent it from vanishing over time. It's so beautiful and comfy that I want it to get old with me.


Oh you fancy poncho

  • 年龄: 36-40
  • 体型: athletic
  • 所处地区: West coast

I love this poncho. I bought it last season and just love it! I just pop it on to walk the dogs or to run out to the store. It's big..I got the small..I'm 5'7" ..size 6 ..and usually take a small in fp clothes. This runs big. I bought the xs/small and I still have a lot of room. But it's not voluminous..It is a very cool poncho. I get tons of compliments. It does have issues with lint..but it let up once I understood what was happening. I talked to a close friend who is a clothing designer. She said the problem is that the collar hem sheds lint. So I roll the collar down when I put it on to prevent catching lint from the collar's hem in my hair. Problem solved. I have had no problems with the hem coming undone on the bottom of the poncho. It does unravel a bit but that adds to the charm. Also no problem with lint on my clothing. It's a great piece!


Love This!

  • 年龄: 21-25
  • 体型: curvy
  • 所处地区: New York City

Great transitional piece in thick cotton fabric that I love. I'm 5'4" and the XS/S comes to about my mid calf. This is great for wearing around the house or throwing over an outfit to run around town. Overall I'm really happy I purchased this item. But be warned it sheds a bit!


oh you fancy poncho, size xs/s

  • 年龄: 21-25
  • 体型: petite
  • 所处地区: Albany, NY

If you get this piece, know that it will be veryy large. I really think it should be one size because the xs/s is just incredibly roomy. The material is soft and thick. Nice to throw on on chilly summer nights, and could transition well into fall weather. I only give it four stars because the hem does seem to be unraveling and leaving threads about. It also will leave fuzz on your clothes underneath, so watch out if you wear anything black. I haven't washed it yet, so hopefully that won't be an issue.


I really really wanted to...

  • 年龄: over 45
  • 体型: hourglass
  • 所处地区: Connecticut

I loved this when I saw it online and I was anxiously awaiting it's arrival. When I got my FP box, I tore right in searching for this - I thought it would be perfect! I put it on and it is huge. I mean not only huge, but really huge and shapeless. I loved the soft material and the cushy cowl neck, but it really made me look like I weighed significantly more than I do! I think one of the downfalls for me is that it hits me at the widest part of my calves - not just below the knee as on the model (I am 5'5") - and is basically a mumu on my body. I will try it again with jeans and booties as shown, but I am sorry to say that I will probably return it. For reference, I am a size 10 in dresses & a 30 in pants, and generally a small or medium in FP tops, dresses and skirts. I ordered an xs/s (and I cannot imagine anyone needing anything bigger than this is...).


Mixed feelings about this item.

  • 年龄: 36-40
  • 体型: pear shaped
  • 所处地区: Twin Cities, MN

I really wanted to like this item, but I am returning it. I did like the collar/hood and the pocket, and the general look of the item. But, I got a M/L and it looked exaggeratedly huge on me. I am okay with roomy, but not so roomy that it just looks goofy. I may try it in a XS/S at some point; I haven't decided. Mostly because of two additional things: 1) It is really soft and cozy, but the reviewer who noted that it leaves fuzzies everywhere is right--it covered me and everything it came near in fuzz and 2) I sort of wish it came in a darker color, as the lighter color, I felt, added to the goofy look--I could see wearing it around the house, but never in public, and this item is too expensive to use as a housecoat.


Adore this

  • 年龄: 14-20
  • 体型: curvy
  • 所处地区: Santa Barbara

I love how comfortable this sweater is, I absolutely love the loose turtle neck on this. Its so soft and well crafted. Its loose so I would recommend a small - Medium to most people!


Beautiful snuggly!

  • 年龄: 26-30
  • 体型: slender
  • 所处地区: Canada

Haha.. this poncho is the best thing I have ever purchased! The quality of the material is really top notch. Its warm, soft and heavy duty (which I love). You can dress it up or simply lounge around the house keeping cozy. I even fold it up and throw it on the back of my couch like a blanket. It goes with everything and its beautiful! I literally have to try NOT to wear it every day because I don't want to look like a member of the Hare Krishna! You won't regret it :) I am of slender build, narrow shoulders... 123 lbs and 5'5 - fits exactly as shown in the picture.


Less than happy

  • 年龄: over 45
  • 体型: slender
  • 所处地区: SD

In picture and on receipt I loved this item. On wearing found that it left "fuzz" everywhere. My clothing and car seat was covered and had to be "defuzzed." I washed this on gentle to help aleviate this concern and on removing from washer it was completely unraveled on all areas not hemmed or finished! Am not happy with the outcome. I love it but would not recommend it if you are not prepared for these problems.


Soft but little heavy

  • 年龄: 36-40
  • 体型: petite
  • 所处地区: Maryland

I love the color of this poncho. it goes with everything. I hope to see FP makes more ponchos since this is what I mostly wear 4 seasons. This is mainly on heavier side compared to many other FP ponchos but i still like it. I hope to see this style in lighter material which is also not cheap looking and has the elegance like this one. FP please make the Hendrix Yarn Fringe Poncho in solid colors with or without fringe. That was my favorite of all ponchos and I purchased it in two colors.