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款式 34162487 ; 颜色:

手工制造的双环黄铜戒指,中央位置为银焊围绕的施华洛世奇水晶,两旁为绿松石。韧性面料。美国制造。品牌:Mikal Winn 每一件都是由设计师在他本人位于加利福尼亚莫哈韦沙漠中的工作室手工制作而成。*请注意,颜色以及所使用的石头和水晶形状会有所不同。每一件都略有差异。

Mikal Winn

For over 12 years, designer Mikal Winn has been creating jewelry inspired by the natural beauty of the desert. Incorporating precious stones, and using his own silver soldering technique, Mikal’s pieces are a unique mix of rugged nature and urban sparkle. Every piece is handcrafted by Mikal at his studio in the Mojave Desert, and is truly a work of art. Note, the color and shape of stones and crystals used will vary. Each piece is slightly unique.

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