Something happens around the holidays that’s a little, well, hectic. At some point—amidst the twinkling lights and heartstring-tugging melodies of rom-com carols—our dreams of sugarplums devolve into a nightmare reel of tinsel-tinged chaos:

Everyone bought a little something for your cherished spin instructor—except you.
Aunt Pat can’t bake the pies for the family get-together, after all.
Is eggnog something I should even be considering at this point in my life?

It’s easy to lose sight of the season’s simple pleasures—spending time with loved ones; picking out the perfect present—descending, rather, into a more-frantic-than-festive state. To salvage your sanity, we’ve got something better than Advil, our personal secret weapon for combatting Christmastime craziness: crystals. Coupled with mindful intentions, these dazzling stones (so much more than eye-catching paperweights!) encourage a slower pace of life, allowing you to welcome 2019 revived, resilient, and, most of all, relaxed.

Here, Head of Beauty and Wellness, Jessica Richards, schools us in the art of selecting a perfect-for-you crystal (amethyst? Obsidian?) while we highlight the can’t-miss picks for the novice and collector alike.
Jessica Richards, on rose quartz

"Know unconditional love, accept compassion, let go of resentment, strengthen your heart chakra, and embrace your innate feminine power."

Rose Quartz
For The Novice: The Facial Roller
For The Skeptic: The Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool
For The Believer: The Love Triangle

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Jessica Richards, on obsidian

"Reclaim your self-esteem, rid yourself of negativity, motivate yourself, find focus, and feel secure in taking charge."

Jessica Richards, on amethyst

"Find protection, cleanse your mind, nurture your intuition, quiet your mind, and relieve yourself of stress."

For The Novice: The Message In A Bottle Necklace
For The Skeptic: The Crystal Comb
For The Believer: The Chakrubs Dildo

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And Because It's The Holiday Season...
From raw stone rings to healing pendants, carry your crystals with you wherever you go.

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