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Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets

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Welcome to the bottom of our denim jackets page, a.k.a your shortcut to outerwear inner peace.

As in, no more “but-what-jacket-will-I-wear” worries. No more “does-this-thing-go-with-velvet-flares??” moments. Just total blue jean bliss. Basically, our denim jackets are go-with-the-flow level = you after yoga class. The secret to serious wearability? Perfectly faded fabrics and well-worn weaves. Contrasted with classic jean jacket tailoring, these pieces bring total balance to any outfit. When we’re out for adventure, our fitted cuts lend structure to our knubby sweaters and trailing scarf tails. And when the night calls, an oversized option grounds our glitziest mini dresses. Even denim-on-denim a is a breeze with these jackets.

But even if our effortlessly distressed jean jackets didn’t go with everything, we’d still live in them. Each piece is crafted from premium, durable denim – the makings of a seriously stylish forever friend. Timeless yet one-of-a-kind details don’t hurt either. Think dreamy tie dye, cute embroidery, and borrowed-(but not returning)-from-the-boys oversized fits. Like we said, one will do just fine, but stockpiling works, too (one for layering, one for covering in patches, etc., etc.). Something tells us you’re going to look amazingly cute in every one of those denim jackets you just swiped past. But, this is your personal journey to jean jacket nirvana, so we’ll let you make the call.