As Head of Beauty at Free People, I’m tasked with sleuthing out the best of beauty and wellness, but recently, as I was browsing the latest treasures to hit the shelves, I encountered a whole new category that I knew would elicit buzz around the office: down-there beautification.

Yep, down-there, down-there.

Instantly, images of bedazzled bikini regions (scary!) and treatments that pluck and prod (painful!) sprung to mind. Why, I wondered, would someone go through that?

It turns out, however, that this new-to-me realm of nether-specific regimens is surprisingly accessible and ideal for swimsuit weather. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now.

To take on the trend at home, there are loads of products to suit your needs: a pH-balancing cleanser (nice try, chlorine-filled pools), an oil that softens hair down there (buh-bye, waxing), an ingrown-eliminating concentrate (a personal prayer to the bikini gods) and more. From scrubs to suds, there’s something for the novice and pro alike.

And that’s, I think, the beauty in all of it: Tending to your intimate areas is a unique-to-everyone process. Some women laser and tweeze for their perception of bare beauty, while others favor a soap-and-water approach. The good news is that, like anything in the beauty and wellness realm, your routine is entirely, blissfully up to you. Go bare, go buffed, go au naturel—it’s completely your call.

To kickstart your pursuit for down-below bliss, read on for your arsenal of summer-ready products—perfect for even your most precious skin.

For Softening Skin & Hair Down There
My Pick: Lady Suite Botanical Oil

Why I love it: It's a highly rejuvenating blend of organic and natural botanical oils. Thoughtfully created for your most delicate, intimate skin, the calming, revitalizing and illuminating oil is meant to be massaged into skin post-shaving, waxing or laser. Tip: you can use it on other areas of body, including face, decolletage, hands, legs and feet.
For Combatting Chlorine-Filled Pools
My Pick: The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash

Why I love it: Formulated for sensitive skin with a light concentration of plant-based ingredients, this gentle and unscented feminine wash helps to banish odor-causing bacteria, balance pH levels and boost hydration levels to avoid dryness. Simply shake the bottle, pump three times and apply with clean hands.
For Your Smoothest Bikini Area Ever
My Pick: Fur Silk Scrub

Why I love it: The perfect post-shave ritual, this mild scrub buffs away dead skin cells to radiantly resurface. This exfoliating treatment smooths and polishes skin and can be used for a quick shower buff or left on as an exfoliating mask. Made with clean ingredients, it is dermatologically and gynaecologically tested.
For Banishing Ingrowns Once And For All
My Pick: Fur Ingrown Concentrate

Why I love it: Soothe skin and support smoothness with this all-natural calming concentrate. Crafted from a rich blend of botanical oils, this Certified Vegan formula works to heal and reduce ingrown hairs. Bonus: it includes a finger mitt for exfoliation. Just apply 1-2 drops on ingrown hairs once a day and watch them disappear.

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