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Gingham Summer Dresses


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To the completely dress-obsessed: We totally get it.

If you’re anything like us, you’re picky about the dresses you fall for. The dresses women covet throughout our lives are usually a healthy balance of head and heart. Our everyday staples and visceral just-have-to-have-its. Sometimes the right one is a versatile fit and flare that brings you from day to night, from the office grind to weekend fun. And other times we splurge on the one we may just wear once. (Somehow those dresses always star in our best stories.)

Are you loving the idea of any cuties in particular? Not sure if it’s a capital L kind of love? Take a moment to truly picture yourself at brunch in it. Is it the one that drops your friends’ conversation into the mandatory, “Where did you get that dress! Does it come in my size?”

Or maybe you’re toying with the idea of a particular dress for a cocktail party or a casual garden soiree. It might just be the best you ever had. How about a maxi with maximum impact for summer celebrations, or a boho party dress just eccentric enough for your opening night?

No matter the occasion, you deserve the perfect dress that brings out the best in you. We always say, if it doesn’t make your day better and your nights more exciting, then what’s the point?