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For Your Workout Buddy

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Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Looking for a gift for your gym buddy? Whether you’re the ones rising at dawn for a before-work run, or the type to never miss a bootcamp or barre class, get the gift that says you can’t wait to sweat it out together in the new year. Choose the best present for your partner-in-pilates. Tangle teezers and body mists are perfect if she’s usually jetting off to a meeting after your sessions. Or if she’s training for a marathon and needs a killer playlist, why not gift a new phone armband, wristband or headphones? Crystal water bottles are a gorgeous way to remind her to hydrate. And as every good workout buddy knows, you can never have too many leggings or tanks. The only thing better than workout endorphins is knowing you have the perfect gift to give. Take the time to let your friend-in-fitness know you have her back and you appreciate her for having yours.