FP Escapes: Unique Vacation Packages & Yoga Retreats

FP Escapes are unique, value driven bespoke wellness retreats curated by Free People featuring leading experts in wellness, travel, and creativity. Crafted to restore like a yoga retreat and enlighten like an exotic getaway, these unique vacation packages offer a departure from daily demands on mind and body. Explore breathtaking landscapes amidst off-the-beaten-path destinations around the globe and gain a sense of place from knowledgeable guides and gurus. Satisfy natural-wonder wanderlust with unique retreats ranging from coastline to countryside. With inspired itineraries spanning a spectrum of creative activities, like meditative yoga and hands-on workshops, every vacation package is tailored to pique a new and unique perspective.

FP Escapes' unique vacation packages are bundled to balance the best of each locale's offerings. Retreats include accommodations, daily yoga, influential guides, a daily menu of customized healthy meals, and $250-$500 worth of Free People product. Booking for each vacation package will be available at Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and Regular rates, excluding airfare. Check back often for announcements of upcoming FP Escapes yoga retreats and travel packages and recaps of recent adventures.