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Gifts Under $25 for Her

Wandering around?

No worries. We love seeing your gorgeous self down here. Also, we know the search for a unique gift under $25 requires a little bit of roaming.

Actually, a lot of roaming. This year, our travels took us far and wide to find the best holiday presents under $25 - can you say stocking stuffer? To high-shine, all-natural makeup, ultra-cool tech accessories and vegan treats cute enough to double as decor. From essential oils that offer mid-winter escapes to cozy slipper socks that feel like home. The journey was long and involved more confetti than we care to admit. But - in the end - totally worth uncovering amazing holiday gift ideas at prices poised for giving one in every color.

So what earned a spot in our top rated gifts under $25 collection? We wish-listed playful pieces with a festive feel and homemade touches (just in case we don't get to all those holiday diys). That meant unique patterns, knubby knits and lots of glitter and gilt.

With fun home goods, beauty buys and accessories all in one spot and all under $25, there's no need to run around for the perfect gift this season. Unless, of course, the need to roam arises. Then to that we say: wander on, girl.