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Hair & Beauty - Hair Accessories for Women

No season is better for letting your hair hang loose and decorating it up flower child style than spring and summer. With the sun out and beaming down, we have the perfect excuse to give your hair a little exposure and highlights. Free People has the best hair accessories to keep you looking fresh and romantic, whether you are spending a day at the park or a weekend at a music festival. Wherever you may be, hair accessories with a bit of roses, braided leather, chainlinks, crushed velvet, woven fabric, or anything colorful and plush in your hair gives you that extra spark to take on the day. Free People hair accessories, such as headbands, fern leaf crowns, embellished hair ties, and tie dye widebands, add just the right amount of bohemian flair that feels so natural and spring-like. Even if you have the most basic of outfits on, our hair accessories can sweeten the whole look up in an instant.