Mart Thinking: A Perfectly Cordial Summer (Or Any Time) Cocktail Recipe Or mocktail, if you prefer… Cheers>>

Or mocktail, if you prefer…

Rhonda Cammon, founder of Nashville’s Perfectly Cordial, is… well, the question really is – what ISN’T SHE? Passionate, dedicated, creative, charming are just a few words that come to mind.

Basically, Rhonda’s fit for “instant friend/esteemed mentor/best bartender” status.

In addition to concocting cocktail/mocktail elixirs, she is the current Treasurer of the United States Bartender Guild (USBG) Nashville chapter, and serves as its first Black female board member.

When we met Rhonda by way of our friends at Cherry Bombe, we were immediately smitten and compelled to learn more about her, and share her most delicious Pear & Rose Summer Cocktail recipe.

You’re a self-proclaimed veteran of the hospitality industry. What did you see and hear from customers in this space which led you to create Perfectly Cordial?

Customers were requesting mocktails and alcohol-free options – they no longer wanted to pay $6 for a glass of cranberry juice, or be offered a sugar-filled concoction geared towards children. Customers want delicious and healthier drinking options.

One of the recipes you curated for us is a (delicious-looking!) Pear & Rose Summer Cocktail? How do those flavors complement one another?

That cocktail was inspired by a chocolate bonbon created by Nashville-based Chocolate Sommelier, Sophia Rea. It was part of a Quarantine supper club I joined and, as soon as I tasted it, I knew I had to make a cordial from its flavors. I added pink peppercorn to give the cordial a subtle spice that would add an additional layer of flavor but not dominate any one spirit. The rose is sourced from France and gives a subtle but present rose note to any beverage. Pear is the backbone of the cordial, giving it structure and a rounded mouth feel on the tongue and the pink peppercorn gives depth of flavor on the back of the palate.
Best advice to anyone looking to sub out their cocktails for mocktails, especially in a social setting?

If Perfectly Cordial is not on the menu, my go-to is a quick spritzer made with seltzer, splash of pineapple juice, and a squeeze of lime. Lime = acid, and acid will always brighten a beverage.

Best/worst advice you ever received as a bartender:

Best Advice: Treat every customer like a regular.
Worst Advice: If the customer thinks a drink is too strong , add some simple syrup to it. (Who wants sugar on top of a bad drink?)

What’s next for Perfectly Cordial X FP?

Plans are under way for a holiday mocktail collaboration and possible activations at the soon-to-be-built FP Movement location in Nashville.

Make Perfectly Cordial’s Pear & Rose Summer Cocktail Recipe.

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