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Women's Kimonos & Ponchos

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Kimonos & Ponchos for Women

Kimonos are never ever boring. When you feel like your outfit needs an extra pop of color and texture, but you want to stay breezy, a kimono is everything you're looking for. Casual never looked so cool. With kimonos, the bolder print the better. That's why our collection is filled with interesting patterns and sleeve styles that will help you stand out and give your outfits that little something special. Lace, fringe, and tassel details bring these kimono robes to the next level, instantly transforming a jeans and t-shirt outfit to a look that says fun and chic. There are so many shapes and lengths to choose from when it comes to our kimonos. Go extra-long and chunky with a heavily knitted fabric, or go lightweight and sheer with a floral chiffon robe with frayed hem detailing. No matter the vibe you're going for and the weather you're in, we have the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. Have fun with it!