About CBD
If the idea of CBD conjures images of smoky clouds, bottomless snacks and lazy eyelids, then we have some news for you: CBD is not pot. It’s not psychoactive (that’s THC, a different cannabinoid), and a whole host of beauty and wellness pros are redefining our associations with the potent super-plant, turning out new products we’re scooping up en masse.

So what’s the hype about? With natural powers to help relax, restore and revive, CBD exists in the realm of herbal ingredients (think: charcoal or turmeric) that offer blissful—not buzzy—benefits. Available in balms, oils, creams, masks, mists and more, CBD can provide soothing relief and calming effects, becoming an essential addition to your everyday routine.

To help navigate the new obsession, we’ve rounded up all the need-to-know details: what it is, what is isn’t, and all the must-haves to kickstart your regimen.
What CBD Is:

✓ A versatile super-plant
✓ Derived from hemp flowers and buds
✓ Also known as cannabidiol
What CBD Isn’t:

✖ Psychoactive
✖ Weed, ganja, reefer—you get it
✖ A downer... Or an upper (yep, use it AM and PM)
Best For: Creating Calm & Unwinding

Two formulations for when you’re looking to unwind: a balm with benefit-boosting essential oils (think: black pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint and wild oregano), and a full-spectrum massage oil.

Best For: A Super Glow-y Complexion

With key ingredients that target redness, plump and hydrate, this CBD-infused skincare line calms and perfects your complexion for your best-ever radiance.

Best For: Boosting Your Post-Workout Routine

Soothe muscles with calming bath bombs, refreshing mists, muscle freeze and more. Make it a part of your post-workout practice.

What are the potential risks associated with CBD products?

As with any treatment, please consult your health care provider before incorporating CBD into your healing regimen.

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