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annie0628 Lol....might want to check belk, they sell free people shoes sometimes
10 months ago
ba_batica oh boink me,, you have 38s on,, well now i dont feel so bad,thought my feets got even bigger LOL
11 months ago
ba_batica never know may return, a pair of glads I returned by misstake showed up 2 months after-reordered))) but also you may get tired of your blacks and sell to me: anschaudesire@yahoo
11 months ago
ba_batica The black are the best !!! but yea the 38s are very big in heel but I like the toe area since I have wide toes, actually look like those you have on in 37. the sage are a brighter green yet have black footbeds which is nice. SO now I need decide, wish had black 37,
11 months ago
ba_batica thanks annie,, opps ordered 38black/now no 37s, put in for b/o..will order brown/sage37 just for to see which like best. Wish FP would state when shoes are oversized like do the clothes lol,, thanks
11 months ago
annie0628 Hey Ruthe! Yes they do. I'm usually a 39 (between 81/2-9) and I ordered a 38. It's a little big in the heel but I have narrow feet, plus I think it's because of the flip-flop style. Anyway love them and they are still very comfortable. Hope this helps!
11 months ago
ba_batica Hey Annie,, since you got these recently ,would you say they run a full size bigger__ 2 of the reviewers mentioned that. thanks, Ruthe
11 months ago
digirl2956 gotta have me a pair...love these
1 year ago

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