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chloecococovers I is 5'5'' about 140lb,, what size did you get and how tall are you,, thinking I received a wrong size. thanks xx coco
2 years ago
chloecococovers Bonjour Audenoe,, what is 165cm in inches,,,, all I know is 5'5'' is 65inches//cm/?,,,you look like my size some,,,, seems not much difference in S & M 'cept little longer ,and I too thought perhaps take 1-2 inches off but want wash 1st,, do they shrink /? but then FP clothes grows too. I am Italian-French,,, am named after Coco Chanel,, my grandmamma worked with her ! xx coco,
1 year ago
chloecococovers hi audenoe,, I have this dress too bought xs was perfect at 1st then it 'grew' ,,will it get smaller if I wash (in warm water) I
2 years ago
audenoe Hi Chloecococovers, I bought M, but I cut the bottom of the dress, I am 165 CM tall (I'm french)
2 years ago

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