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bbrooke Embroidered Strappy Cross Back Tank in Washed Navy with the Black Galloon Lace Racerback Bra, accessorized with the Crescent Drip Earrings and Chainmail & Leather Cuff
2 years ago
cococovers Aloha bbrooke,, wanted to thiank you for letting me know the sandal name on anothers site ! and I love this photo -pinned it- but what is that your driving? and may I ask what coast line your at,,, I love all your RAD photos,, would like meet up with you a day soon. weeeee xx coco
1 year ago
bbrooke You're welcome and thank you, Coco! That's my VW Bus.. a 1978 beauty, with a brand new paint job! ...and we're in Pacific Grove on the Central California coast, where the Monterey Bay meets the Pacific! :)
1 year ago

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