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brooklyndodger This is the xs and I've only seen the black. I'm a 34b bust and the xs fits loosely in a way that flatters.
2 days ago
cococovers oh & I bought that Queen tee in coal M its quite loose-better for the heat but now they have red, kinda like better. Have you seen both in real life haha whats ya think of them?
2 days ago
cococovers love Joan Jett too,///// is it way kine oversized, have XS-L in FP depending on item oh & what about the lighter colour-have you seen in person? flowers are up,greens too!!! Aloha
2 days ago
brooklyndodger Hi coco. Thanks re: my Joan Jett mullet haha! Yes I have the black shirt and it's friggin awesome. Very soft. Very cool. Happy gardening!
7 days ago
cococovers Hey Brooklyn, way all cool, love your new hairs!! have been pondering on this top too, blacks good, perhaps the lighter one fur me- have you seen it in person-is as cool? We staying on land_ putting in gardens, flowers & food. hows you? xx coco
8 days ago
brooklyndodger Size xs
18 days ago

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