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caseydearmo free people white provisions
3 years ago
chloecococovers hehe got cut off,,, I'll be back,, don't take me wrong I danced ballet when younger,, hen had 2 babies,,, hope to hear from you xx coco
2 years ago
chloecococovers hi ya it's coco again,, hope you don't mind I ask a few personal like questions,, how tall is you really (as I know your not 19'11'' LOL why the girls saying this) and around what do you weight,, I can tell you don't carry any in the tummy/hips or legs-- that;s why you can wear these pants// you look way better than those models or anyone else ,,ok dyllrose pulls them off good too..... and what age is you now,,, have you always been slim,, is there something like dance/sport/ you do too??
2 years ago