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daniluv01 New Years Eve
1 year ago
chloalf I am in love with this dress! Is there any chance at all that you are willing to see it? My email is chloe.alfieri@gmail.com... if you could let me know!!
17 days ago
katechristie9 you willing to sell??? im obsessed with this dress
5 months ago
jacquelinee15 HIi!!! this dress is SO beautiful. My prom is june 16th and i would die to wear this. Are you willing to sell it? Thanks :) @daniluv01
8 months ago
mckdillon23 Hi if you are selling this dress I am very interested, please email me at mckenzieldillon@gmail.com
10 months ago
kee_kee Can I buy this dress from you please for prom!? please please please
10 months ago
mirandaayres What size are you wearing??
1 year ago
camille_morar If you haven't already sold this dress, I would be willing to buy it ! :)
11 months ago
daniellesparano Hi! I love this dress and I was wondering by any chance if you were selling it? I wanted to wear it for prom but they are out of stock :(
1 year ago

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