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jewelinventura Very pretty photo. I am 5'5", 118b - slender build and I got this on sale for 62.00. the catch was I could only get a large. It is long which is really nice - due to it being a large. Yes it is big but it is a vest....so it still works. Really nice piece. It has weight - so much so that it pulls a little on the neck in the back. It is wool so it will be really warm. I could not resist the price and as I said the length is a bonus in the large. Normally I wear a small in FP - sometimes I go with a medium if I want a looser fit. This vest is nicer in person than the pics I think. And I like the cream color - not too much yellow as some 'off whites/ivory has.
1 year ago
latia_95 hey, beautiful phoot...what size did you get?? i am 5'3 and considering a small. Hopefully it won't be too long or baggy. measurements are 35 bust '30waist,'36hips Thanks!!
1 year ago

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