($) Sign In My Hearts



evannesfp the cold weather cant stop us
2 years ago
cococovers gee the rose I received is not as deep ,very pale, think it was used-washed ? or could be your camera,
9 months ago
edit Thank you soooooooo much for your help!!
1 year ago
edit Hi! Please tell me what size is the jacket what you are wearing?
1 year ago
roxey What color jacket are you wearing?
1 year ago
lullaco hi, could you pls tell me which color did you chose?thx :D
1 year ago
evannesfp @lullaco I got it in ROSE ?? it's beautiful!
1 year ago
evannesfp ? @edit I'm wearing the jacket in an xs but the arms were tight so I might have gone up a size if I would have known that ahead of time
1 year ago

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