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cococovers dawn,, not sure how you thought what i said was mean,, , as what your saying is a shorter version of exactly how I wrote of how things came down through the decades into what has been done to this planet,, it's animals and people. My reply was to your saying you wished to live a glimpse in the 60-70s,,, me generation ? those who watched closely the destruction have followed through and are the leaders in getting action done,,,. gee I was complimenting you
2 years ago
chloecococovers was unkind, the ME generation took hold and was brought into the new century and the poisoned food and ways of the greedy became an issue that couldn't be ignored. I feel that was when people had to come back together and stop what was ruining the planet and killing people esp the children.
2 years ago
chloecococovers hi dawn,, noticed your wish i lived in the 60-70s... yes it was a multi emotional//clear yet confusing//create and live the life as you feel is richly true for you. Yet like you say,, feel you did,, and that can be what you do with your life now,, what you think about and things you say is how your life will become. They (the aware ones now) call it mindfullness in this era,, which i feel has come full circle of what we in the 60s were hoping would happen sooner but the 80s & 90s vibe
2 years ago

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