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fpgenesis #fpSunChaser
3 years ago
mischa_shack Which color is this tote?
1 year ago
madisoncowan You are literally too cute!
3 years ago
ijoakoo how tall are you? im wondering if this boots is gonna be too long for my ma.. she's 5 ft 1 inch tall.
3 years ago
ijoakoo thx for your answer. i live abroad so returning is not much of an option so i thought i might ask. FYI, I think you are totally rockin' these boots. :)
2 years ago
fpgenesis @ijoakoo I'm 5'4 I don't think they are too long. I sometimes fold them down and they look super cute and so comfy. I have two pairs of these boots. My friend has them and she is 5 feet. She loves them.
3 years ago

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