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fpkatiew shoreline tee
4 years ago
sistermoonsister Thank you for responding! I basically want the color in the first photo showing the blush but that color looks much darker than all of the other photos of it and looks more like the beige, yet the photos of the beige look a little darker than that photo. Haha, but if the blush look pink i think I will go with beige :) do they come looking a little more worn/dirty than the beige? I definitely like that look better than being light and clean :p
3 years ago
sistermoonsister Hi, I saw you had another pic up of these boots but they look lighter here than in the other photo. I am trying to decide between the blush and beige, which color do you have?
3 years ago
fpkatiew Hi! Funny you should ask, at first i thought i had the blush, but when a blush pair got returned at work today, they were much more pink than mine! So to answer your question, i have the beige and you should get them too :)
3 years ago

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