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fpkimia Synergy Cuff Thermal style pic
3 years ago
cherielilbee I really like your outfit!You look awesume in your FP clothes. We must have similar tastes. I just have the thermal in "sea blue." I have a pork-pie-hat, but not FP's. I do not have the sweater?? Keep your style, you wear it WELL! I will start to post some of my Free Peoples garments, and other....I've been collecting since the early 90's!
3 years ago
FPMeHomeOffice New feature alert! Style & Inspiration pics on Trends are here. We love your pic and think it's perfect for #fpRetroGrade
2 years ago
fintia awesome
3 years ago
fpkimia you are a sweetheart! I'm sorry I am just seeing this, I hope to see more of your outfits my love! xxxxxxx
3 years ago

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