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FPMeHomeOffice #FPMeadow
2 years ago
noayovel hey pleika :) i have aquestion for you, it might sound strange. im going to get marry soon and i was looking for a dress and i fell in love with this beautiful dress of fp. ofurtuanlly yesterday and before i order it it went ou of stock :( i wanted to ask if you would like maybe to sell you'r dress. i hope its ok to ask. thank :)
1 year ago
slon759sv beautiful dress, it's small size or extra small? usually you wear 4?
2 years ago
slon759sv thanks for the answer
2 years ago
fpleika @slon759sv - it's a small and fit a little bit big. Normally I take a size 0 or 2. Hope that helps!
2 years ago

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