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fprobintt butterfly - tomato - ivory & aqua which is more mint than aqua❣😍❣😍❣
10 months ago
ba_batica I've done the same thing too,,, and with you having them all laid out together, even though same dress,, these really do have different looks plus I like those -non slip hangers rather than those that have little spaces for straps__ always get caught up. I have to laugh when other girls what size YOUR wearing since they need order by their body size anyways. ha ha
5 months ago
ba_batica meant 4 colors of 1 dress
6 months ago
ba_batica did you buy 4 of 1color,, must of really loved it?
6 months ago
littlebunnyjing love your dresses so much, What size are you wearing? What's the length of your dress? I want get one,too! Thank you!
10 months ago

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