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fpsophia @j4bailey runs tts but also has ties that you can adjust to your size so there is wiggle room. @40_day_dream I would wear a flat sandal! @arlobaby I'm not sure how aus sizes work but I don't own this piece so I can't provide the actual measurements:( I can say that I'm 5foot4inches and 103 pounds and it fit me well. There are ties throughout the garment that allow you to adjust it so its not too limiting !
3 years ago
fpsophia It also depends what color you wear underneath! The Fp photo has a white slip so it's lighter and I have a deep lilac
3 years ago
fpsophia @yaaralve it is only slightly darker, the filter I used on the photo definitely darkened everything! It's beautiful though, you will love it
3 years ago

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