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hhhhhhhh Well.....Actually That Side Breast Action is on a par with Free People Standards. Free People = Free Choice = Free Boobie. Most of the Free People Dresses I were expose my bosom. And thats exactly why I continue to shop here. I think she looks great and now I want this dress even more! I want the sandals too. Where are they from?!
24 days ago
rimabean @minibux that was incredibly dramatic, she looks great. don't be such a Debbie downer. if it were truly a problem, I'm sure it would've been taken down.
1 month ago
halliekay14 @minibux people post pictures on here to express their styles, it is not appropriate for you to be negative about people's bodies when everyone should be able to feel confident and comfortable on FP me.
1 month ago
minibux The person in the middle has almost one whole breast showing. Not up to FP standards or morals.
1 month ago

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