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jerseygrl331 Post wedding party dress! Piazza Navona <3
2 years ago
seraphinn Wedding in Italy. How lovely is that! Was the ceremony in Italian? btw, beautiful picture from the two of you to the beautiful background.
18 days ago
jerseygrl331 Siena is so beautiful!!! And thanks again! I hope the tower doesn't lean any more than it already is Hehe 😄
4 months ago
brooklyndodger Stunning!!
2 years ago
chloecococovers You both look fabulous,, perfect dress & he looks stunning too (my husbie said,, THANK YOU for posting photos of Tuscany area,, I'm from Siena__ that Pisa Tower is leaning more !!! xx coco
2 years ago
jerseygrl331 Thank you!!! ☺️
2 years ago

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